Bright Yellow Obi Belt worn on a black dress.

How to wear yellow 💛


How do you feel about yellow?

I am probably the world's biggest fan of yellow. There's something so joyful, energising and simple about the colour yellow isn't there? One of the most popular things children draw is a bright yellow sunshine in the top corner of their page. It's guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of whoever looks at the drawing right?

So, why, oh why does something so joy inducing not appear more in our wardrobes? I feel yellow has had a bad reputation in clothing as being unwearable. If you ask most people if they wear yellow they'll say "no, it doesn't suit me." (Go on, ask five people to see if I'm right!)

Since I contracted an auto-immune illness in 2016 I have taken a different approach to what I wear and why. My clothes have become part of my wellness toolkit. I now choose colours, prints, patterns, textures and fabrics on how they can make me feel. Choosing items that give me a sense of feeling a bit brighter and able to deal with life's challenges. I LOVE the way yellow can make me feel a little bit more energised as if the sun's rays are gently shining on me. To be honest though for a long time the thought of wearing yellow made me want to reach for the sick bucket. I think it was because I had no flipping clue which shade of yellow suited me.

So, my gift to you is to spread a bit of yellow sparkle in your direction. Let's find your special shade of yellow. I promise you that there is a yellow to suit everyone. Don’t believe me? Read on ...


If you’re a Spring

you normally have: warm/ yellow based skin tone; light golden blonde to medium brown hair; blue to brown eyes.

Kerry Washington is a Spring.

Look for yellows like the ones below.




If you’re a Summer

 you normally have: cool/ blue based skin tone; light ash blonde to medium ash brown hair; blue, grey, green or hazel eyes.

Jenifer Aniston is a Summer

Look for a primrose yellow shade or similar




If you’re an Autumn

You normally have: warm/ yellow based skin tone; red, auburn or dark brown hair with red or gold highlights; hazel, green, light to dark brown or dark blue eyes.

Isla Fisher is an Autumn.



Look for shades of yellow like below.





If you’re a Winter

You normally have: cool/ blue based skin tone; medium to dark ash blonde, grey or bluish black hair; blue, black/brown, dark hazel, grey or green eyes.

Sandra Oh is a Winter

Look for shades of yellow like below.





If you don’t like the shade you’re meant to suit then break the rules. Wear what you feel beautiful in. Remember beauty comes from within.


Here are some of my favourite yellow things around at the moment.


Hush Yellow Long Sleeved Top.                           Sweaty Betty Hoodie



Single Swan Eveyn Belt                                        Baujken Denim Jacket     


🦢 Single Swan Tip

If the thought of wearing yellow is still making you feel a bit queasy try these ideas:

🦢    go for an accessory in yellow like a belt, bag or shoes

🦢    go for small accents of yellow in a pattern or print

🦢    wear yellow on the bottom half so it is not next to your face


I'd love to know what you think. Have you enjoyed this blog or are there other things you'd prefer to read about? I have a genuine passion to make people feel sparklier and want to create content that is useful, inspiring or both.

Until next time

Alicia x

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