Five accounts to follow that will put a spring in your step

Five accounts to follow that will put a spring in your step

20 February 2023

The blog post for busy women who love versatile outfits, effortless style and feeling good about themselves. This is one woman’s small step in celebrating being kind to the planet, others and ourselves through our clothes.

Hola, my name is Alicia and I am the happy founder of Single Swan, a kind clothing business. My mission is to help you feel as sparkly as you can, every day whatever the day. I became really passionate about wellness when I had to leave my teaching career due to ill health and operations. While I was resting and recovering I spent a lot of time researching different ways to help my recovery. One of the things I discovered was how clothes could help my attitude and mood. This was, in fact, what ignited my desire to start designing clothes and inventing forever wardrobe friends that put a spring in our step. Other things that helped me were gentle exercise, meditation and finding things to make me laugh. I still find these things are so important to me and I love finding out about people on social media who share their expertise and also make me smile, a bit like chicken soup for the soul. I hope you find the following accounts are like the first rays of Spring too.



    Jemma, is a stylist who has such a warm and upbeat Instagram account. Her love of colour is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Having had an incredible career in fashion and retail she now is a stylist and does courses in Colour Analysis, Body Shape Analysis And Personal Shopping. I was lucky enough to attend a 1:1 session and met her in person. Jemma is as warm and genuine in real life as she is on her posts. What I love is that she really knows her area of expertise and combines clothes in a down to earth way that can be worn every day whatever the day. Great tips to dress happy. This is a definite account for lovers of spring's positivity. 




    Sara is one of the most amazing Pilates teacher. She has a wealth of knowledge about the body, health and Pilates. Her techniques help you push yourself but within your limits if that makes sense? What makes her even more fab is how she teaches in such a warm and intuitive way. Plus, Sara has such funny anecdotes and comments that make me chuckle. Sara’s account has lots of techniques to help strengthen and motivate the body and mind. She does online classes which are amazing.



    I love Kate’s account because she makes me laugh and think. She inspires me with styling tips, clothes and day to day life. Her blogs are always so fab because she combines a unique way of being down to earth and yet has an expert knowledge in the area of styling and clothes. She champions outfits that we can all wear everyday with an occasional dose of items that make you daydream. I guarantee you will laugh until you snort about her observations on daily life and also wish you had her wardrobe.




    Jill is a teacher as well as mindfulness practitioner and one of the most caring individuals. Her posts are from the heart and you can tell she really cares about people and making a difference to those who follow her. I did Jill’s mindfulness course while I was going through health complications and they were so incredible at giving me the strength and energy to deal with a tough time. Her posts seem so apt and I always find myself nodding and smiling at what she writes. The world needs more Jill Mannings- full stop.


    5. Percy Langley



    I found this amazing account recently and am hooked. Percy Langley have a store in Spitalfields Market and if possible, you need to visit. It is a treasure trove of Slow Fashion, British Made Jewellery, Natural Beauty and Unique Gifts. The two founders are some of the warmest, most passionate people you will meet. They really care about retail and their customers and there is a magical element to their brand that is really rare to find. If you care about sustainable and thoughtful brands then I know you will love Percy Langley as much as I do.


    So, these are my five accounts to follow to give you a spring in your step. What accounts do you love? I’d love to know. My email is or send me a DM on Instagram.


    Thank you for being uniquely you.


    Alicia x


    Disclaimer: I have no formal qualifications or experience in this area, these are just my thoughts that helped me. I write with no aim other than to share tips and happiness to others in the hope that these ideas will make your days brighter too.



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