Why I started Single Swan.


I founded Single Swan to give you moments of happiness when you open the wardrobe.

Single Swan was born in February 2020 after an auto-immune illness and some operations forced me to stop teaching, a job I loved. I was lost for a while then slowly a dream formed to create beautiful clothes to make us feel elegant and calm, while helping others and the planet. I wanted to wear things that were comfy enough to wear at home but also stylish enough to wear out. There seemed to be nothing available so I decided to create my own clothes that would solve the problem of both feeling relaxed and elegant.

I have always loved clothes and how outfits can make us feel fabulous. To me clothes are friends, they make us feel comfortable, give us confidence and make us feel like a million dollars. My clothing business is founded on a love of helping people feel wonderful every day whatever the day

Alicia x.