How to easily and sustainably double the number of outfits you love..

How to easily and sustainably double the number of outfits you love..

This blog post is for busy women who love versatile outfits and effortless style. The secret to doubling your outfits is to think about one of the least talked about accessories, belts!  Read on if you want to join a growing number of people who have discovered the timeless appeal of The Evelyn Belt after Anna Murphy wrote about them in The Times, Wednesday 11th May 2022. I have been asked lots about the best way to style and tie the belts so I thought I’d share some ideas here. I guarantee you’ll fall in love with belts.


I designed these Evelyn Belts after becoming slightly obsessed with Japanese culture when I visited Tokyo in 2018. Fun fact: I wanted to be Japanese when I was young and my fab Japanese friend, Miko, is convinced I was Japanese in a past life. I visited the V&A Kimono Exhibition, Kyoto to Catwalk, and was mesmerised by the stunning kimonos. I wondered how I could bring a little bit of this Japanese aesthetic into Single Swan clothing. I spent a while researching how a wraparound belt could work with lots of different clothes for different body shapes and the Evelyn was born. If you are not an obi belt fan then a different style of belt could 'zhuzh' up your outfits in a similar way.

Here are a couple of ways to style any type of belt…


To add a pop of colour


To accentuate a waist


To instantly transform an outfit



Ways to tie a belt. So the photos before were all about the theory of how belts can help outfits. Now comes the practical side. Are you ready?

Ways to tie an obi belt...

                                               THE LOOP

   Step 1

   Step 2

   Step 3

   Step 4

   Step 5

   Step 6



Follow steps 1-3 above

 Step 4




 Step 1

 Step 2


I hope this helps a little. Please let me know what other blog topics you would like. I want to create blogs that are useful to the fabulous Single Swan Community.


Don't forget, take some time to be kind to yourself.


Alicia x

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