Why a versatile belt could be the answer to your wardrobe update

Why a versatile belt could be the answer to your wardrobe update

March 29th, 2022


Spring time is always that time of the year when we want to update our wardrobes and give ourselves a spring in our step (pardon the pun). However, with an increasing awareness and desire to buy less and be more sustainable it feels like there’s a real juxtaposition of what our hearts and heads want. Is there a solution, a compromise? I think the answer lies in an accessory, specifically a stylish belt. They are great for giving instant updates on outfits in our wardrobe and also for those pieces we’ve been wearing all winter long and getting slightly bored of. Belts are especially ingenious if you are the owner of a loose dress or two. A belt can transform this look, bringing a day to night look quicker than you can say ‘Is it wine o’clock yet?’


Here’s an idea to show you how simple the transformation can be…


Dress from H&M (March 2022), boots from Dune (February 2017),

Olive Green Obi belt from Single Swan


If you’re not a belt lover yet, here are a few more reasons to convince you…

Belts can create a “wow type” impact by adding colour. Colour blocking at its finest.

 Sylvie in "Emily In Paris"


Belts can emphasise your natural silhouette. In contrast they can also help to create a flattering illusion or give added structure.


Belts can add an interesting detail to make an outfit more interesting.


Belts are superheroes when it comes to packing. They take up such little space. A belt can instantly double the amount of outfits you have with you.


 🦢 Single Swan tip- when trying on belts with outfits check what the outfit looks like from the back as well as the front ;)


Alicia x





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