Mother's Day Gift Ideas: 6 Female Founded Businesses to shop with

Mother's Day Gift Ideas: 6 Female Founded Businesses to shop with

Gift guide Ideas for Mother’s Day: 6 fabulous female founded businesses

6 March 2023

The blog post for busy women who love effortless style and shopping responsibly.

Hola, my name is Alicia and I am the happy founder of Single Swan, a kind clothing business. My mission is to help you feel as fabulous as you can every day whatever the day. This, is one woman’s small step in celebrating being kind to the planet, others and ourselves. As we approach International Women’s Day 2023 I wanted to shine a light on fellow female founded creative product businesses who create a wide range of beautiful and thoughtful items that would make the perfect Mother’s Day gift for somebody special. I use the phrase Mother’s Day but want this to be applicable to anybody who nurtures and champions you whether they are your mother, parent figure or supportive friend.

One unexpected bonus for me when I set up my independent fashion brand was discovering amazing small businesses. I am constantly inspired by fabulous women who build their businesses on a passion for thoughtful products and creating a happy customer experience. I hope you find the following female founded businesses as wonderful as I do.


  1. Jenny Betts London Candles

Jenny creates incredible candles, room sprays, diffusers, body butters, oils and scrubs. She is also a fellow South London maker and is one of the most caring and passionate people at delivering gifts that centre on self-care and having mindful moments to nurture ourselves. I love all of Jenny’s products. Somebody once compared her to the new Jo Malone and I totally agree. (I think Jenny may be currently working on her website so please email / message to find out more)


 2. Le Print



Isabelle designs and prints original art prints inspired by beautiful paint colours and vintage typography. They are classy, timeless and perfect to gift to somebody who appreciates having beautiful things in their home. They come in a range of colours and sizes.


 3. Andrea Saint Aimé



I love Andrea’s jewellery because it is positive, handmade and created in small batches. Andrea believes in the healing properties of crystals and creates jewellery that will make you feel good. I bought myself one of her colourful bracelets at a market we were both at and it’s one of my favourite things to wear.


  1. Design by Drake


Angela is a talented designer and maker of textile goods. I love her ethos of creating her products in limited quantities using fabrics that are printed to order. I bought one of her handmade pouches for my sister and it was a massive hit. If you love slow fashion and limited edition then these will make the perfect gift.


  1. Sweet Pamplemousse



Flo has an amazing range of gorgeous greeting cards, prints and party resources in English and French. The designs and colours are beautiful and highlight Flo’s skill as a graphic designer. These are especially perfect for any Francophiles you know. I bought some posters for a special maman and they put a massive smile on her face. 5% of profits is yearly donated to plant trees to fight climate change (at Just One Tree) 


  1. Senti Fragrance


 I discovered this business at an awards ceremony we both attended and am hooked. Senti have a shop in Wimbledon Village and if you can, you need to visit. It is a beautiful space full of thoughtful gift ideas for the home. I bought their little orchid diffuser and it is stunning. I love how it combines a stunning fragrance with an orchid.


So, these are my six small businesses that I love buying gifts from. Of course, I also create items that could make beautiful gifts too. Feel free to check out my website (, Instagram (@single.swan) or Pinterest ( Which brands do you love? I’d love to know. My email is or send me a DM on Instagram.

Thank you for being uniquely you.

Alicia x


Disclaimer: I have no formal qualifications or experience in this area, these are just my thoughts that helped me. I write with no aim other than to share tips and happiness to others in the hope that these ideas will make your days brighter too.


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