What to wear in autumn- tips to help with transitional seasons

What to wear in autumn- tips to help with transitional seasons


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Be honest. How is your relationship with autumn? I think it’s a bit like marmite, people seem to love it or hate it. I know I should love it because my birthday is in autumn but there’s something quite sad about it for me. I think the main thing is how all the holiday clothes get packed away, you know all the bright, happy things that remind you of sunny days and that warmth on your skin? Suddenly we seem to be plunged into uncertainty. There’s nothing in the wardrobe that’s quite right for such changeable weather. Autumn is a bit like that flaky friend that you can’t rely on. It’s not quite cosy up time with your old faithful knit but also not warm enough to brave leaving the house without the security of an extra layer. Plus, don’t even get me started on whether to tight or not to tight (more on this later).  

Anyway, I hope these tips help you with learning to love our fickle season a bit more.

First things first, a long cardigan (coatigan).

This is the most important transitional piece of clothing for me. You can get them in a range of materials, if you’re somebody who gets hot super quickly think about a lightweight material. Similarly, if you feel cold then a coatigan in a heavier fabric will be your best friend.


The next tip is a bit of a weird one but hear me out…fishnet tights.

Yes, you heard me right. I stumbled across this by accident yesterday when I was looking for a conventional pair of tights. Turns out I didn’t have any but did have some fishnets. I’ve got to say it was a bit of a lightbulb moment for me. They give a little bit of warmth but not so much that you feel like you’re stuck in a sauna with a onesie on.


Last tip is something that I am so passionate about whatever the season, LAYERING.

When you’re planning your outfit, check the weather for the whole day. Then work out whether you wear the layers now or pop them in your bag for later. I have a crazy number of long sleeved tops that I wear under dresses or jumpsuits. Then, a bit like Wonder Woman when you get hot or cold you can whip the extra garment on or off and feel like you’ve beaten this transitional conundrum.

I’d love to know what you think. Do you have any fab tips that you’d like to share?

One last thing that will always make you feel better, a little pop of colour or sparkle in your outfit. It is guaranteed to make you feel like the sun is shining.

Thanks for being you

Alicia x

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Loved reading this one! I am sooooo getting a coatigan. Just realised that I don’t have one 🙂 Thank you so much for that wonderful tip!


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